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The Problem with Autograph Authentication

by anonymous

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As lately as 1997, the FBI estimated that between 50% and 90% of all vintage products in the marketplace are not genuine. Everyone that likes you about the action verifies that something must be done. And most think that autograph confirmation – investing a third party company to accept that an autograph is actual - is a sensible solution that benefits everyone involved and eliminates counterfeiting.

Last 1 month, we provided a story by an entrepreneur (and friend of mine) that would extremely don't consent with that announcement. He promoted a Eileen Vick finalized little head protection on eBay. The client sent it to be authenticated by PSA/DNA and, upon not getting confirmation, needed compensation. My friend was status his ground and dropped this ask for.

In my perspective this was the right move – the autograph is actual and he cannot set the precedent of enabling PSA/DNA figure out his income. No entrepreneur wants to have to figure out that will result in a frustrated client, but what was he predicted to do? Offer the consumer a compensation on a absolutely fantastic item because it’s another company’s perspective that the item is fake? That would be even more extreme for his reputation than a frustrated customer! It seems that as fans we have given confirmation companies far too much control over the action.

Consider my friends company for a second – either he himself or one of his associates gets each and every autograph that he provides in personal. He is a paper of reliability that states the period of your energy and energy and position of the determining upon. In the existing industry, this generally is not fantastic enough. How is an entrepreneur who wants to kind a genuine autograph company predicted to start out? PSA/DNA is developing it almost challenging for these companies to get their legs off the ground. When they do start to recognize their company, one wrong excellent can harm their reputation. My friend will have no way of knowing how bad his name has been broken by this client who considers he purchased a bogus item.

I certainly wish that it is not PSA’s objective to smash companies, but the factor that they have the power to do so impacts me a lot. Everyone should realize that all PSA is doing is offering their OPINION as to the reliability of the autograph. Do you guarantee that the sportsmen you accept are genuine and those you do not are fake?

We do not guarantee sportsmen under the Traditional Certified program. By using this program, you are investing for the perspective of the top experts on the planet, using state-of-the-art assessment sources and techniques.


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