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NAMA Decided To inaugurate universal Navigation System

by marry7ct

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The rapid growth in the tourism industry has booted worldwide airlines to commence new routes for their global business expansion, all the leading airlines have set up their policies to increase their areas of operations by availing the benefits of the worldwide tourism industry. The swift and rapid air travel with tremendous safety precaution until the end of time got superb appreciation from passengers of such airlines. Among all famous destinations for the tourists Nigeria is considered as a first-rate place for the global visitors and Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA) is going to put forward its safety precautions by deploying a global navigation system in leading airports of Nigeria with the collaborative efforts of Nigerian Institute of Navigation (NION). This decision is made to bring safe air travel within the airspace of Nigeria to secure its domestic, regional and international flights via Performance Based Navigation (PBN) systems.
Nigeria is one of the dearest sate among worldwide travel community and comprised with excellent splendors of natural sights and awesome landmarks, the business growth potential and investment opportunities also made this region remarkable for the flexible air travel. To make the air travel highly secure and safe, Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Global Navigation is Satellite Systems (GNSS) are going to deploy in more than 25 airports of Nigeria located in various cities. The modern navigation systems offer its key navigation services for cheap flights to Nigeria via modern control towers as contrary to the conventional radar vectoring of airplanes. The passengers from various locations of the world that are travelling in Nigerian Air space they appreciate the efforts of NAMA to make their air voyage more secure via development of robust mechanism of Navigation.
Air transportation is the primary source for the quick delivery of products via cargo planes to any region for this proper navigation along with international standards is highly requisite, the commercial airlines also required universal navigation system for safe air travel, the NAMA has decided to deploy up to date navigation system for the <a href=""> Nigeria flights </a>, the airspace for the leading airlines of the world is going to clear now along with proper mechanisms of navigation. After deployment the doors for the new airlines would be opened to commence their business for Nigerian locations, excellent and more recent procedures to control air traffic with the latest navigation system has assured the safety of domestic, regional and international Nigerian flights

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