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Dental Sensitivity recommended by Orlando Family Dentistry

by MuradThakur

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Tooth sensitivity is very much discomforting to the sufferer. Tooth sensitivity is felt when you take ice-cream, tea, coffee or cold beverage. And sometimes bitter cold weather also makes you suffer. Sensitivity is instigated by cavities, gum diseases. When the enamel of your teeth is decayed or you have fracture in your teeth, you are sure to feel sensitivity. Sometimes, whitening procedure can be a cause of it. You have to treat the problem with great care. Otherwise, it may cause even tooth loss to you.


It is very much important to follow the instruction of your dentist to reduce sensitivity feeling. Cleanliness is necessary for saving your teeth from sensitivity. Due to irregular brushing and lack of cleanliness, sensitivity occurs. If you do not brush your teeth regular, the food particles will cause plaque, cavity and tooth decay and erosion. The acids will react with calcium and damage the enamel of your teeth.  


Sensitivity starts suddenly. You will get a very short period of time to have a treatment. Using product with lower peroxide level may cause sensitivity.  So, you need to sue higher level of peroxide while using such products.


It is better to limit the consumption of cold drinks and food and hot tea coffee should be avoided. Try to cover your jaw with ward cloth in extreme cold weather. Otherwise, shivering can increase your tooth sensitivity. 


Whitening products may cause tooth sensitivity. It will be a good decision to limit the use of whitening products in a bearable stage.


Using fluoride toothpaste reduces the chance of sensitivity. The fluoride can mend the problem with sensitivity. But, it is important to keep in mind that chooses such toothpaste that has right proportion of ppm. PPM means parts per million. Your dentist will suggest you when to use fluoride toothpaste.


It is your duty to inform your dentist of your sensitivity. He will recommend you the proper treatment of it.


Orlando Family dentistry suggests you to follow the following instruction:


*Brushing your teeth regularly, at least twice a day.

*Floss your teeth everyday

*Rinse your teeth properly after your meal. It will keep your mouth germ free.

*Use fluoride enriched toothpaste. But be choosy while buying it.

*Keep your teeth plaque free

*Change you food habit

*Avoid smoking, drinking alcohol

*Don’t drink water after having fruits

*Use straw while taking fruit juice


Family Dentistry at Orlando tells that a person having good nutrition knowledge can easily avoid the oral diseases by practicing his knowledge in his food habit. It can save his time and money. He can lead a hazard free like. So, everyone one of should be very much cautious of our dental health.

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