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This winter enjoy a fresh collection of mens rings at online

by Jewellerymen

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Winter is the time for festivals, and you may want to celebrate this festival season with some great men’s jewelry. A wide variety of engraved rings for men are available at various online stores. These rings are made of precious metals like sterling silver and adorned with precious or semi precious stones. An engraved ring can also have engravings on the metal as well as on the stone. Interesting heraldic motifs like the griffin, Salibury lion, lion and crown, Scottish lion, the three lions of England and eagle crests are often engraved on the stones. On the shoulders of the ring body the metal can be engraved with other heraldic designs.

The best thing about buying men’s rings is that you can choose from a number of different stores. You can compare the designs and prices, and choose the one that best suits your taste and requirement. These mens rings also make excellent presents for your loved ones in the holiday season. Earlier men used to shy away from any kind of jewelry. However, nowadays men are opting more and more for fashion jewelry. At the same time, men’s rings made in precious metals and semi precious or precious stones make an excellent style statement. Sporting such a ring can speak volumes about your personality and taste.

The main idea in the designing of men’s jewelry is to make get the right proportions both of the body and integral stones. The perfect weight and balance is constantly being sought. Some men also opt for less expensive metals like stainless steel, tungsten etc in their jewelry. These metals are less expensive options especially since men’s rings and other jewelry tend to contain substantial quantities of metal as they are often of larger size. Many still insist on wearing only gold or silver. The popularity of men’s rings continues to rise and wider sections of the community are now wearing them. The rings designed nowadays are not just for the fashion elite but suit the budget and taste of all.

The most interesting thing about online stores is that they offer custom rings as well. These stores allow you to design your own rings. Their websites are very user friendly, and they give simple instructions on how to design your own ring. You can easily follow these instructions and custom design your own ring. With a custom ring, you need not settle for something that you don’t quite fancy but buy just what you want in a ring. With a custom ring, you can get exactly what you want in the right metal and with the right stone. So just log on to the internet and look for online stores that sell men’s rings. Whether you opt for standard designs or choose to design your own custom ring, you will enjoy making a real fashion statement.

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I have been working with The Regnas Collection of Jewelry for men for several years and I am excited by the work that we do. It is a passion for us and our designs often include ideas that we have picked up from our customers. We have a vibrant custom design and build section and to us the customer is king. Our English backgrounds leave us with a great deal of knowledge of heraldry and heraldic family crest designs and we incorporate many of them in our mens rings, signet rings and custom cuff links. The Regnas Collection continues to expand and we are introducing new lines all the time. We are able to source and supply a large variety of sterling silver cufflinks, custom made cufflinks, mens cufflinks, jade cufflinks, heraldic cufflinks, malachite cufflinks, engraved cufflinks, gold cufflinks, Jade rings, custom engraved rings, signet rings, and family
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It is my pleasure to run the jewellerymen website and our vibrant Facebook community. Tim Davies Director It and marketing The Regnas Collection

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