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Benefits of LASIK Surgery

by angelinarose

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The field of medicine is constantly changing and evolving. Take the example of vision correction: for centuries people with imperfect vision were forced to don large glasses in order to have clearer vision. In just the last few decades contact lenses have come into increasing popularity. They allowed people to get away from bulky glasses and just have small, unnoticeable lens in their eyes. In this way no one really had to know that they did not have perfect vision. The vision correction field made another major development when LASIK surgery was first patented in the United States in 1989.

LASIK, which stands for Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis, is a vision improvement operation for the correction of myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. The surgery uses a laser to reshape the cornea of the eye in order to improve vision. LASIK in Los Angeles is performed by first placing a soft corneal suction ring to hold the eye in place during the operation. A flap is then created in the surface of the cornea using a laser or a mechanical surgical blade. Once the flap is created, it is then folded back to reveal the stroma, or the middle section of the cornea.

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The stroma is then remodeled through the use of the excimer laser. This laser vaporizes the necessary tissue without damaging the tissue that surrounds it. During this step, the patient’s vision becomes blurry and they can only see a white light and the orange light of the laser. The flap is then folded back over after the reshaping is finished and is checked for any debris, air bubbles, and proper fit. The corneal flap will stay in place naturally until it is able to heal on its own.

The average recovery time is several weeks. Immediately after surgery patients usually report some improvement in vision, but during the healing process vision is expected to fluctuate. Some common side effects of LASIK eye surgery are dryness, fluctuation in vision, sensitivity to light, glares and haloes around lights, and poor night vision. These are not unusual and should dissipate over time. LASIK in Beverly Hills is a great option for those who want a permanent fix for their poor vision. However, it is important that candidates for this procedure consult with a qualified and experienced ophthalmologist to see if they qualify for the operation. LASIK is a life changing operation, but patients must properly research before undergoing this procedure and fully understand the risks and benefits.  

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