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Basic Info on Plastic Surgery in Portland

by juditharends

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Plastic surgery in Portland cancould be categorized as either reconstructive or cosmetic (also referred to as aesthetic plastic surgery). Correcting bone anomalies and similar facial problems is the task of reconstructive surgery. Cosmetic surgery, however, includes the upgrade of an individual's appearance with surgical and medical strategies.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, almost 20 million plastic treatments were done throughout the United States in 2011─ 13.8 million in cosmetic surgery and 5.5 million in reconstructive procedures. 91% or 12.1 million of these cosmetic treatments were performed on female patients. Such high figures might mean that there are numerous benefits to be had by undergoing plastic surgery.

Improved Self-esteem

Whether it's reconstructive or aesthetic, cosmetic surgery provides an array of emotional perks that have a "snowball effect" on many areas of individuals lives. Generally, customers that underwent cosmetic surgery typically feel much better about themselves, enhancing their self-image and confidence. For customers, the rectification of a "problem area" or issue is equal to getting rid of or drastically minimizing self-consciousness or social anxiousness.

Many people─ despite age, sex, or ethnicity─ have psychological marks generated by how they look. The taunts and insults people with visual abnormalities obtained throughout their lives have a big impact on their self-image. The rectification of clients' defects may be the only way to heal their deep emotional marks.

Effects on Health

Cosmetic surgery in Portland additionally has positive effects on a person's health. For women who had their breast sizes reduced or underwent lipo, their minimized mass makes them feel lighter and more comfy. This, consequently, could cause a more energetic way of life which, once again, develops a positive impact on one's health.

Other Perks

Numerous clinical studies have actually proven that physical appearance has an impact on employment and promotions. Studies show that attractive individuals are viewed in a good light (more intelligent, truthful, skillful, etc.) than their less attractive counterparts. Other studies also reveal that attractive individuals receive better treatment in retailers and dining establishments. At the heart of it all, plastic surgery not just helps clients have a better self-image of themselves, it also helps improve their social abilities. For more information, check out

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