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How does Vibrating Screen Generate Noise

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     The noise generated by vibrating screen in the production process is mostly not noise, which generally does not affect the on-site language communication staff, there is not bad sound under normal circumstances, and this operator can not generate power because mechanical may not generate sound.
     The shaker works through the multiplexed rotation vibration generated by transducer excitation. Oscillator on the rotating weight hammer makes the screen surface plane produce whirl vibration, while the lower rotating weight makes the sieve surface produce cone rotary vibration, and their joint effect makes the sieve generate rotary-type vibration. Vibration trajectory is a complex space curves. The curve in the horizontal projection is a round, and in the vertical surface of the projection is an oval. Adjusting exciting force under rotating weight can change the amplitude. Adjusting the spatial phase angle under the weight can change the shape of the curve of the sieve surface trajectory and change the trajectory of the screen surface material.
Vibrating screen noise in the work from the multifaceted
1; check the belt is loose screws if loose, the collision between the screen frame and screen frame will cause the metal noise of the collision.
2 To check vibration bifida and exercise bad, if there is damage to the place where it will lead to metal collision, causing the noise .
3 check if spring screws are loose and falling off.
4 motor is not lack of oil, it will cause the noise emitted by the motor inside that downtime immediately, otherwise cause the motor lack of oil stuck, the internal noise of the motor is not the motor screws loose issued by the motor and vibration-body collision noise.
5 motor machine vibration forces over Japan vibration motor on the hammer thrown block under the hammer will produce noise.
6. The uneven ground vibrating screen in the production process can lead to noise

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