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The Serious noise Pollution of Vibration Sieve

by anonymous

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     Hazards of industrial noise pollution have great damage to the body of the production workers, and the emotional impact is not small, which has attached great attention by the respective manufacturers. In vibrating screen industry, noise generated by vibrating screen is inevitable in the screening industry, since it cannot be avoided, we should consider how to effectively reduce the noise pollution of the vibrating screen.
      The root causes of the vibrating screen generating are that when the main components are vibrating and friction, it can generates noise, such as bearing, vibrator.
Years of practice have shown that the sound pressure level of noise is proportional to the size and speed of bearing. The vibration of the bearing during operation is mainly from the structure and manufacture of the two aspects. In structural terms, the rolling body via the load causes the small changes of axial position, and then causes vibration. In manufacturing terms, because of the geometric shape error of rolling body, holder and inner and outer rings rolling device, it will cause the vibration, wherein the waviness has greatest impact, followed is different degrees and surface finish, and the rolling elements and inner and outer the circle three parts, the geometric shape error of the rolling surface of the pair of vibration and noise have the greatest impact. In operation, load, speed, lubrication and clearance are affected the vibration of the bearing to different degrees. Grease lubricated bearings is prone to pitting corrosion, thus increasing the vibration response of the bearing.
     Furthermore, the vibrator, due to the centrifugal force generated by the eccentric mass makes the eccentric shaft bent, so that the bearing generates the relative deflection of the inner and outer races, the rolling bodies in the bearing trajectory changes, and increases the vibration response.

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