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Different Types of Web Hosting Services

by anonymous

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In today’s world where the internet has become an indispensible part of our lives, this is the reason for which it is so important to have a website for your business so as to increase the popularity and the revenue of your company. It increases the chances of small and medium businesses to expand their business beyond boundaries. More than 900 million’s people use the internet daily all over the globe, creating a website will not only create awareness about your company but at the same time it will creating a conduit amongst the potential customers to get in touch with them. Therefore, websites play an essential role in the marketing of companies and businesses.<br><br>

However, there are certain things that are the key determinants for the success of a website like a well designed and well-presented websites are vital for the success of online business and so is <a href="">web hosting services</a>. Opting for the correct type of web hosting is essential to make sure that your potential and valuable customers do not face any problems when availing for services and products from your website. But, before selecting the best web hosting partner, the most important thing you will need to do is to opt for web a hosting service that suits your needs and requirements. In this article we will discuss in detail the different kind of web hosting services from which you can choose.<br><br>

<b>Shared Web Hosting Services</b><br><br>

This is one of the, most affordable and common web hosting services. In this type of web hosting services, the server is mutually shared among the clients and thus the name of the service is shared web hosting. Both the physical server and the software applications contained in the server are shared with the clients.<br><br>

<b>Dedicated Web Hosting Services</b><br><br>

In this type of service, the client can hire the complete server. Since the server resources are completely used by a single client, the outcome is faster and better. The client is not the owner of the server but has total control over the server. This also allows the client to opt for more than one web hosting services. This type of web hosting services is best for clients who require a lot of system resources for hosting their websites or high level of security.<br><br> 

<b>Free Web Hosting Services</b><br><br> 

Free Web Hosting is basically meant for small websites that does not generate high traffic like personal websites. In this the client gets restricted technical support and no software options. Apart from that the client is not allowed to use his or her domain name. The client has to accept the services offered buy the <a href="">web hosting company</a>.<br><br>

<b>Managed Web Hosting Services</b><br><br>

In this web hosting service, the client s given a personal server. But, the managed service providers do not allow full control of the web server to client in order to make certain good quality and performance. <br><br>

<b>Collocated Web Hosting Services</b><br><br> 

In this category, the client is the owner of the server but it is placed at a location owned by the service provider. This is the most expensive type of web hosting services.

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