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Plumbers in Vancouver Gearing Toilets to Flush at Will

by darryliorio

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What are infamously incompatible with water, as wet circuitry result in shorts which cause them to go haywire, and have enhanced the quality of people's lives in countless methods are electronics products. It may be impossible for these 2 to co-exist given that state-of-the-art circuits and water isn't precisely a match made in paradise. But Vancouver plumbers managed to find a method to put 2 totally different globes together in a number of developments.

Electronic flush valve technology permits you to trigger a toilet or urinal to flush simply by stepping far from it. Some say it's the next finest thing since steel pipelines; but others are rather skeptical of this system. Most plumbers in Vancouver can mention many such installations in public bathrooms all over the city. Below is a comprehensive description of how the magic of automatic flush toilets truly works.

Instead of a mechanical lever to trigger the flush, the system uses sensor technology similar to that in usage with automatic glass doors. The sensor locates your presence if you're close enough to the toilet, particularly when you're going to use it. As soon as the sensor loses you, it actuates the interior flush button at will.

As of today, sensors have been updated to detect urinal and toilet users better. In the earlier years of such technology, one particular problem with automatic flush valves is that they sometimes failed to activate the flush mechanism when they should. These problems have been dealt with by more recent modern technology. Most currently available sensor mechanisms have also been made immune to "phantom flush," an event where representations trigger sensors to trigger flushes at the wrong time.

Battery-powered sensors are more common than wired ones, notably at toilets and urinals that have been retrofitted with automated flush technology. Qualified plumbers in Vancouver only need to replace the battery, therefore making this sensor system effortless to preserve. Lithium-ion batteries in some automatic flush systems last for four years; but some sensors were stated to have lasted for almost twice as long without a battery change. Photovoltaic charging systems are useful in lowering the need for battery replacement.

Read the article about electronic flush systems at if you wish to know more. You may not feel that you need this system in your residence at the moment; but it might become more prevalent in house toilets in the future.

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