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Electronic Cigarette – A Reduced Toxic Burden

by maemullen

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Health benefits of Electronic Cigarette may notbe 100% known, however the environmental impact has created a broader impact when compared to traditional cigarettes. Cigarette makers have been pressurised by Environmentalists to cut short on the synthetic make. Regulators are delved into passing indoor smoking bans to curb the adverse effects of second hand smoking as well.

Reduced Toxic Burden

The manageable impact is proving quite cumbersome at the moment and has been much debate of public health campaigns. Through people might have lessened smoking, smoking butts left behind by smokers is a common sight on our sidewalks, parking lots and roads. Butts pushed into drains by rains or storms ultimately make themselves into oceans producing a filthy environment for water life and birds.

Electronic Cigarettes is capable enough to reduce this toxic burden. Many are reusable and have the potential of being eco-friendly in their true essence. They are powered by rechargeable batteries often available to be done via USB port.


Since Electronic Cigarette does not produce smoke, risk factors for health and environment are drastically reduced to non-users and the general air quality.


Food and Drug Administration have however opposed its usage due to the unavailability of supporting research data. They emphasise that adverse impact cannot be precisely determined since the level of nicotine intake is not measurable and consistent. Several other groups hold the premise that electronic cigarette appears to be quite attractive to children and non-smokers which are causing a potential harmful and disastrous impact on the society in general. The wide range of flavoring agents also adds to their beauty and delightful taste.

Whether it’s a help or a serious potential hasard, one needs to make a choice for oneself. This would entail thinking about taking it as a smoking cessation tool or a mere transition to something that is giving more freedom and control over oneself. Nonetheless kicking this disastrous habit is the most admirable and best things anyone could do for oneself. All replacements, medications, quitting programs, various newly introduced tobacco substitutes are temporary endeavors and fall short when it comes to one’s own willingness and commitment. Those who are chain smokers know exactly how hard it is to switch or abandon this habit completely. Even when one is willing and committed, one would come across phases where doing away with this would sound a lot easier while at another time, this would be a serious herculean task. No matter how hard it may seem if one thinks of a transition, grabbing an electronic cigarette is a better choice. 

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