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Mac recovery in case of inaccessible data

by johnpratt11

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Sometimes, while using your Macintosh system, due to any incorrect setting in file system permissions or privileges, the system hangs in the startup or in the middle. Your valuable data in the system hard drive becomes inaccessible thereof. Though there are suggestions, such as running either the Disk Utility or the command 'fsck', in case, these also fail, the only way to recover back the data is to take the help of professional Mac recovery.

Let us suppose one of the most common of the instances. One day while working on your Mac system, there was a severe power fluctuation and the system shut down suddenly. The next time, when you tried to boot the system, it stuck in the middle with the Grey Mac spinning icon. Furthermore, each time, you tried to start the system, you got the same result with all your data in the system inaccessible.


Many times, a sudden power failure and unsystematic shutting down of the Mac system leads to file system damage and a possibly affects permissions settings.


In the beginning, it is difficult to locate such type of error and hence, equally difficult to resolve. However, it is advised to run the Disk Utility or fsck command.

1.Try to boot in safe mode: The first thing is to do is to try booting the Mac system in safe mode by pressing the shift key at the start-up. If you are able to start the system in safe mode, you do not need any further trouble shooting. However if you fail, follow the steps below:
2.Run the Disk Utility: Try starting your Mac OS X from the installation disc by holding the key 'C' while restarting.
1.Select the Disk Utility from the menu and click on the tab 'First Aid'.
2.Choose the troubled Mac OS X volume and click on the button 'Repair'.
3.If after the repair process, the problem still persists, then try running 'fsck' command.
4.Run 'fsck' command: Type /sbin/fsck -fy  at the command prompt.
5.If the error still persists, then you have to make a fresh installation of the Mac OS X after formatting.

However, formatting will erase all your data from the drive and you need to take the help of a valid backup to recover your data from the formatted drive. If you don't have backup of your data, then, the only option is to run a Mac recovery software to recover and restore the data.

Mac recovery software are advanced utilities, which are capable of retrieving your data in a risk free manner irrespective of the Mac data loss situation. Moreover, you needn't have to worry about their usage as they come with detailed instructions for every step.

John is a technical writer having vast experience on working with OS like Windows,Mac and Linux, doing research on Free Windows Recovery, Mac Recovery Software And he also working for Windows Recovery Software.

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