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resale rights products

by johnfostar

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Ask anyone what is the best way to make money online.

The snap answer is ‘affiliate marketing’. You would not blame them. All you have to do is join a merchant’s affiliate program and place a link of that program somewhere on your website. When a visitor clicks through that link and buys a product, you have made a sale and you get a check. Someone may say there are other ways too like selling your own product and  services or buying and selling websites. Well, for the time being, ignore all of the above and consider another novel way of buying resale rights products and reselling products. 

In this approach, you actually can make more money than what you made through affiliate marketing.

 Here is how the system works. The principle is straightforward, buy a resale rights license and sell it to other people.  

In this approach, unlike in an affiliate program, you are selling the product directly as if you were the merchant. In the process, you are entitled to 100 percent of the profits. 

The math is simple.

For example, say in affiliate marketing you earn a commission of 50% on a $40 sale of two eBooks that totals to $20.

 Now, buying resale rights for $80 allows you to keep 100% of the proceeds. 

After selling four copies of the eBook at $80, you have covered the price of buying the resale rights license. From now on, you own 100% profits an all subsequent sales. 

This is how an expert internet marketing coach will teach you to make money online. 

Just look around for some online auctions. You may well find resale rights products package on sale like e-books or software.

Typically, the package will contain the following:

•	The list of resale rights products.
•	Main sales page outlining the terms and conditions for selling the products.
•	Master resale rights, allowing you to pass on the resale rights license to customers.

There are hardly any drawbacks in this system that you can think of, except that the product can become clichéd over time. This anyway holds true for any product. You will need to be innovative and continuously add novel resale rights products in your e-store. 

Finally, remember to provide excellent customer service, a prerequisite in any online business.

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