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The Netherlands promote a vibrant, experimental view of life

by barry446

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The Netherlands is famed for its progressive approach to a wide range of controversial issues. It has always been willing to accept new ideas and different lifestyles without prejudice, welcoming everyone with open arms and a nonchalant smile of acceptance. It was one of the first places in the world to openly allow homosexuality and by 2009, same sex marriage and adoption had both been enshrined in Dutch law.


Although such a position on gay rights is laudable, it’s really the women that steal the show in the Netherlands. When it comes to experimentation, most men find that there’s no better companion than Netherlands escort because they’re so confident and open minded about trying new things.


Hailed as Europe’s capital of freedom, the Netherlands has long been the destination of choice for the different, the adventurous and the open minded. Recreational cannabis use in one of the country’s iconic cafes is a perfect example of how different things are there: they like to enjoy themselves without inhibition and the false pretences of respectability.


Of course, this sort of attitude is a rare sight in London, but the same laid-back atmosphere that characterises Amsterdam can easily be replicated in the capital. Look out for independent cafes where you can chill out from the stress of the city in a comfy armchair or bean-bag, and watch the world go by with an espresso and a brownie.


Looking for something a little bit more exciting? Then shatter the dour isolation of the city’s grey monoliths with bursts of colour! Go see an exhibit by any one of the numerous dutch artists living in London and explore the psychedelic swirl that is so associated with the Netherlands’ vibrant nature. There are always new events going and jam sessions where you can hang out with the artists and watch the magic happen before your very eyes.


If that’s still not enough for you, get involved yourself and take an art class. Not only will this be a great day out for you to share with someone, it will also provide you with the perfect opportunity to take all of your pent up frustration from the working week and turn it into something beautiful.


If you’re feeling in a more sensual mood, dutch creativity also expands to more daring artistic activities like body painting and posing nude for a partner to paint. With their open minds and fun loving natures, Netherlands escorts are perfect for these adventures, and you might just find that you break more taboos in an afternoon than you have in a lifetime.


Author Information: Barry Richards is a freelance journalist who has contributed to various magazines, newspapers and websites. In his spare time he enjoys dancing and socialising and is always networking. He is the author of this article on Netherlands escorts can be the perfect accompaniment when exploring London’s liberal secrets. For more information Visit Romford Escorts.


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