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Imagine, Writing Software That Works The Way You Do!

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In today’s world, writers of all kinds are turning to writing software to complete their projects with an ease not found with traditional word processors.

Writers have come a long way from handwritten manuscripts scratched out by hand on yellow legal pads. Most flocked to word processors in droves as computers grew in popularity.Computers have revolutionized how writers write.

Writers know that word processors force you to work in a linear way which often results in scrolling up and down trying to figure out if everything is written clearly and in a logical order.Writers don’t typically write in a linear fashion. Instead inspiration often comes out of order as they juggle plots, subplots, characters, scenes and ideas. Writing software allows creative people to be free to write how they think, in a less constricted, natural, free flowing manner.

A Tool for Creativity and Inspiration

Now, more than ever writers are turning to this remarkable tool for all their tasks. Whether you’re writing a book of fiction, non-fiction, a research paper, or an autobiography –book writing software allows the author to bring it all together in an efficient and way with far greater enjoyment than offered by the word processor.

This software gives authors an intuitive, easy way to write without imposing a strict structure or method on them. They do not need to compromise their own unique writing style and method to work with flexible writing software.

Capture Ideas for Productivity

The novel writing software - flexible tool allows you to capture and arrange your ideas at the quickly and easily without worrying about the order.  You enter your ideas in blocks, entering a few sentences or even a few pages of text into each one. When you’re ready to start putting it all together, it’s a snap to arrange your blocks into a coherent structure.

Outstanding Organization

The software allows authors to stay organized by storing every note and reference at your fingertips. Everything is stored on your workspace for easy reference as you write.  You can zoom in to focus on the details of one block or zoom out to get the big picture.

Easy to Use

The software is easy to install and if you know how to use a word processor, you’ll be off and writing in no time. It comes with a wide varietyof useful features including the ability to import and export to different formats, automatically number and size your blocks, add graphics and hyperlinks, store footnotes, thesaurus, spellcheck, and much more.

You will experience new levels of creativity, write faster and smarter than ever without compromising your own unique personal style. It’s the software you didn’t even know existed but you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

About the Author: 

Mr. Tony Ashley founded Ashley Software in 1994 to develop a writing software program that allows writers to rapidly capture and organize their story ideas. He started this company so he could share his simple tool with other writers. Over the last 17 years it’s clearly grown to much more than that but his main goal is the same.


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