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Industrial Radio Remote Control and Accessories

by baseremotes

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In this modern era due to different innovations in the field of technology, selecting the best remote control technology is very important for one’s everyday life. For this reason, this is important that you look into the different factors that affect the quality of use of remote controls before you invest in a remote control system. These technological derived products are needed so we can keep up to date with the most recent changes happening around us or in the world wide market.

Generally when we think of remote control you likely think of a television or remote control car. Although definitely not the same remote control software is similar to these items in the fact that the user has complete control of another device at hand. Simply put, this software allows for an internet based device or computer to be accessed through a virtual connection. Now with the assistance of an industrial radio remote control you can operate huge industrial machine with less energy. The remotes are easy to use and long lasting. You can use them years after years. At the same time, the operating procedure is quite easy and simple.

Remote control accessories are widely popular nowadays. The operating system of this Industrial radio remote control is quite simple and easy.

Hose Reel Remote Controls:

Now radio remote control systems are available for all hose reel Unwind Rewind operations. The electric interlock prevents accidental polarity reversal. The system is weatherproof, prewired solenoid relay enclosures are available in market. There are some beneficial aspects, these are:

The system reduces back injury and workers’ compensation claims. At the same time, it allows more deliveries per day. These are available for electric, pneumatic and Hydraulic hose reels. Hose reel control features are available in this system.

Auxiliary Fuse Panel:

The system is specially designed for new or existing truck chassis requiring additional fused connections. The system has six additional 10 Amp fuse connections under dash or on firewall. The IP55 rated enclosure is sealed against weather and pressure washers. At the same time it includes built-in isolation relays for ‘keyed and fused’ power supply as well as battery connection cables and wire harness for six fused input/outputs. The system is really ideal for adding radio controls, work lights, GPS systems, and electronic meters to truck electrical system. Includes all required wire connections.

System Accessories:

Now there are varieties of remote control technology machine interface. These modular components have been engineered to ‘quick-connect’ with ensuring years of trouble free service. Accessories include air solenoids, electric relays, hose reel motor reverser relays, electric and pneumatic actuators, pressure switches, and extended range antennas. If you require a specific component to convert our radio signal to an electrical or mechanical output please inquire. Complete instructions are included. You can use the system with the help of it.

BASE Engineering is a pioneer in developing remote control technology. We design and manufacture extremely rugged industrial radio remote control and solutions for most industrial applications such as process controls, industrial petroleum, bulk transport, tank truck equipment, tank truck loading, crane service, hydraulic pumps and many more.

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