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Becoming a published writer is now way easier

by anonymous

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With the rapidly evolving technology there were new more convenient services made, just like eBooks. If you are a writer that needs publishing or even a reader in search for a good book you should have noticed that many self-publishing companies are offering now even some e-book deals or book editing. This is because by no doubt they could offer you easier approach to books, a way to preserve them for much more time, and are faster produce; they are even good for the environment.

What is an eBook? Benefits

PDF books, as they are also known as, are the fruit of a new much comfortable technology that was born not long so ago so that it could satisfy the consumer and offer him new more convenient ways to do what he likes best. It is an online version of the traditional bound book but it is much lighter and doesn’t have a bunch of pages. Yet, they are as useful as their ancestors are and maybe even more - the eBook is not only easier to carry around but it could contain bookmarks, colorful illustrations or even some active links that could lead you to a specific website and last but not least you could print only those pages that you actually wish. They are also cheaper and easy available, just one click away.

E-Books are most often released on a PDF format because this way the customer wouldn’t have to search, download or install any software. This is because nowadays almost every computer comes with a program that is able to read it, no matter the manufacturer. This is another thing that makes them more convenient and preferable to many readers; and the time for publishing could be no more than a few minutes at the same time. Exactly these are the reasons why publishing an eBook would be one of the most wise choices made.

Publishing an eBook – the process

The process about publishing an eBook is quite easy and simple but it’s good to be informed anyway. After you have written your book you will have to submit your text to the publishing company. In most cases a standard .doc or .docx file sent over an e-mail would do a perfect job. Keep in mind that when paying for the service you will also most likely receive additional formatting so that you won’t have to do this alone. Any numbering of the pages or adding a header or footer would be unnecessary. A cover is another thing you have to provide and in some cases there is a stock art provider with ready art covers in a catalogue you have to choose from. If there isn’t any, however, make sure you choose a high resolution image because this is a common problem. Writing a synopsis of the book and your own short biography are also recommended.

Keep in mind that you absolutely have to make more copies of your manuscript, both electronic and printed. This way if the materials get lost or damaged in some way you will have a back-up plan.

Other features for publishing

For people that want to do the things just right there are other additional options around the publishing of an eBook, like book editing. Except the service of “text polishing” that could include a stylistic and copy edit, in you publishing package you could choose a book cover, marketing your book, some distributing of it and all other kinds of services and good quality work for symbolic prices.

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