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Sergio Gutierrez Jewelry With Their New Bracelets on the Sto

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Sergio Gutierrez is one of the renowned jewelry brands all over the world. They offer fine range of diamond jewelry for men’s and women’s in most stylish trends and designs. What make Sergio jewelry so popular are their adorable quality and price. Though, you may not expect the prices of diamond jewelry considerably low, but still you can acquire Sergio Gutierrez jewelry at a competitive price. There are ample of designer jewelry that SG offers both for men and women. They are sold in various retail stores in many countries along with various online jewelry stores.

Sergio Gutierrez has recently launched a wide range of exclusive diamond bracelets that will definitely take your breath out. The Sergio Gutierrez B9, B10 and B26 are some of the astonishing bracelets with liquid metal diamond mesh cuff. B9 is a medium sized bracelet that looks pretty classy. This bracelet is the trademark bracelet for many celebrities and some of the members from Rock night band regularly wore this bracelet.

Like B9, Sergio Gutierrez B10 is also very popular Bracelet from Sergio Gutierrez. This nice silver colored liquid metal bracelet which is available in different sizes and patterns. The 7.5 inch bracelet is ideal to be fit in the average wrist size of 6.5 and 7.5 inches. This vintage style bracelet is an awesome to be worn in every occasion. The classy look of this diamond bracelet is from the very limited collection of Sergio Gutierrez. The mesh cuff cuts on the bracelet makes it pretty classic and dynamic.

Sergio Gutierrez B26 is also one of the popular types of Bracelets especially in the US; they are made of silver colored nickel which looks quite elegant, top quality and also light in weight. Each B26 SG Bracelet is handmade to precision with the standard size of 7.5 and 8 inches. Though, there size many very to centimeters because of different design and patterns. The B26 is from the signature collection of Sergio Gutierrez and sizes are measured from end to end.  They are ideal to be worn in an average wrist size of 6.5 inches. They can also be custom made or as per the order. These bracelets are widely popular and their demand is much more than other SG bracelets. You will not surprise to find these bracelets in the wrists of some renown American celebrities specially music band groups.

All these bracelets from SG are now also available in many online stores. So, if you have some budget then you could also be the proud owner of SG bracelets and feel like a celebrity. Though, before buying the bracelets from any online store you just need to check their authenticity. There are also many fake SG bracelets which are sold in the markets. A genuine SG bracelet can be identified with the hologram of SG on the bracelet.

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