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Top 8 Tips For Buying Ultrabooks

by websolutionz

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Ultrabooks are considered by some to be the perfect solution for people who are always on the go. They offer reduced weight and size and extended battery life without compromising performance. If you’re shopping for an Ultrabook, here’s what to look out for:

1 Smooth operator

Many Ultrabooks use buttonless touchpads, sometimes called clickpads, for a sleek, minimalist look. But some clickpads do not track inputs smoothly, which can make it difficult to navigate your desktop. Try your Ultrabook’s touchpad in the store before you decide to buy it. Cursor movement should be fluid while two-finger scrolling and pinch-to-zoom motions should be smooth.

2 All the right connections

Some manufacturers produce slimmer designs by leaving out certain ports, so think carefully about what you want to use your Ultrabook for. If you take lots of photos, your Ultrabook should have an SD card slot so you can transfer files easily. Business users may need a VGA slot for connecting to projectors and an Ethernet port to connect to a network.

3 Speed vs. capacity

Some Ultrabooks use hybrid storage systems that combine SSDs with conventional hard discs. SSDs have fast read/write times, but are relatively expensive and usually have smaller capacities. Hard discs are inexpensive and have much larger capacities but are slower.

Hybrid systems offer the best of both worlds — rapid boot times and plenty of storage. SSD-only systems perform faster, at the cost of storage capacity. Some Ultrabooks use hybrid hard discs have small embedded SSDs that combine rapid boot times and larger capacity into a single device.

4 Design matters

All-metal cases are more durable and feel more solid but may be heavier than designs that use a metal lid and plastic around the keyboard. Some Ultrabooks boast carbon fibre panels that help reduce weight. Backlit keyboards are useful if you often work in low-light conditions.

5 Screens

Early Ultrabooks featured 13-inch screens, but newer models with 14-inch screens are gaining ground. For some, screen resolution is more important than size. Screens with higher resolutions offer more detail. Display quality is also important as some screens reproduce colours more accurately. Viewing angles should wide enough so you can see the image even if the screen doesn’t face you.

6 Endurance

Most Ultrabooks have sealed battery compartments, so you should buy a model with enough endurance. Don’t rely solely on manufacturers’ claims as these may not hold up under real-world conditions. Also refer to reviews in reputable publications. Your Ultrabook should offer at least six hours of endurance.

7 Choose wisely

To achieve their small size, the components on most Ultrabooks are sealed or fixed. It’s important to buy a system that’s as highly-equipped as possible, as you may not be able to upgrade your Ultrabook later. For example, entry-level models often have slower CPUs that lack “turbo” modes, smaller hard discs and less RAM. So you need to weigh the cost of buying a less capable model carefully against your requirements.

8 Don’t forget these

Don’t overlook features such as wireless display (which requires an adapter, sleep ‘n’ charge which charges USB devices when the Ultrabook is off and quick charge to be very useful when you’re on the road.

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