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Digital Video Otoscope for Telemedicine, EMR, and Skype

by rickpetko9179

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Inner ear medicine can be approached in a whole new way with the DE500 Digital Video Otoscope.
This telemedicine otoscope can be directly integrated with Skype so
long-distance diagnostics are easier than ever. The otoscope is
recognized just like a digital camera for easy viewing. With sharp TRUE
1.3 megapixel resolution, the images of the patient’s inner ear will be
transmitted live to the viewer. Telemedicine is easier than ever before
with this advanced diagnostic tool. The USB otoscope comes with its own
cord for easy connection to any computer.


Redefine the possibilities of telemedicine with this durable and
easy-to-use tool. The DE500 Digital Video Otoscope captures both photos
and videos. These can be viewed in real time or snapped for later
examination. The crisp, clear images are ideal for keeping accurate and
detailed patient records as well. The features of this USB otoscope are
perfectly designed for home diagnostics, patient or medical education,
medical school use, electronic medical records, and self-examination.


Other advantages of this telemedicine video otoscope include:


  • Disposable speculas in 3, 4, or 5mm sizes to suit any patient; 5
    speculas in each size are included; additional speculas are available
    in all sizes in packages of 192
  • Sensor resolution of 1280 x 1024
  • Native optical magnification of 15x – 50x
  • Digital magnification of 15x – 150x
  • Three-layer dual 650nm cutoff lenses made from durable glass
  • A 30 FPS frame rate and YUY2 video format
  • Image properties which include:
    • Adjustments for color saturation, 260 level hue, and white balance;
    • Sharpness and gamma control in image settings; and
    • Settings for brightness and contrast exposure.
  • BMP and AVI image and video formats
  • Ultra-bright LED lighting with fully adjustable brightness
  • USB2.0 interface
  • Convenient dimensions of 13cm x 3.6cm x 4cm with an included velvet carrying case for protection and portability
  • Full featured software on the included Firefly Pro CD with:
    • White balance adjustments that can be set automatically or manually;
    • Scalable window, freeze, and adjustable zoom options;
    • Region of interest (ROI) designation;
    • Resolution, rotation, and flip adjustments; and
    • Measurements taken in real time for convenience and accuracy.
  • A handy user’s manual provided on the included CD
  • A USB cable for transferring data to the computer or connecting live via Skype
  • Compatibility with Windows 7, Vista, and XP; UVC compatibility with Linux and Mac
  • A 1 year warranty


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