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How Acquiring Williams Records Management

by rubybadcoe

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Record keeping involves the manual or automated collection and organization of data. An efficient recordkeeping system facilitates the preservation, retrieval, and disposal of various records as needed. Companies that lack the space or the resources to manage their records effectively can turn to record management companies that offer suitable solutions.

Every organization must have in place a recordkeeping system to avoid loss or mishandling of valuable data. It should be noted that lost or missing records could subject a business to litigation and potential penalties under federal law. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), for example, requires employers to keep payroll records for at least three years. By acquiring Williams records management services, companies avoid legal sanctions and the loss of consumer confidence.

To prepare records for storage, one must first divide records into four categories. Records can be classified as administrative documents like job evaluations; records for the use of a specific department; works in progress like a user's manual for the new Customer Relationship Management system; and reference information. Unnecessary documents like key performance indicator files from more than ten years ago can be discarded accordingly.

With each category, those in charge can arrange the records by title or by date. For instance, job evaluations can be further sorted according to division, or employment status, i.e. current vs. resigned employees. After the documents have been sorted, they can be placed in boxes and turned over to Williams records management experts.

Upon turnover, the records will be stored on steel shelves located in a room spanning 400,000 square foot within a steel-reinforced concrete facility protected by entry controls with digital locks. Each record is assigned individual bar codes, and the titles are indexed into an inventory system using O'Neil software, a leading provider of records management inventory software solutions for the commercial records management industry. Once the titles are indexed, clients should be able to access the entries online.

Every time a client needs to retrieve a record, all he has to do is search its title through the inventory system. Thereafter, the record can be delivered physically to the client's office or sent through e-mail, whichever the client prefers. For more information, visit

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