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Screen Yourself from the Harsh Sun

by shilpaguneta

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Every summer the sun shines down brightly but cruelly onto our exposed skin, giving it a tan or even sunburn. What can you do about protecting your skin from the harsh heat of the sun?

Everyone loves a good tan on their skin during the summer months. But when you want to get a tan, do you consider the consequences of staying out in the sun for too long? Or getting all the wrong kinds of sunlight onto your skin? Well, the fact is that there are two kinds of ultraviolet rays in the sun’s light: ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB). The ultraviolet rays with the shorter wavelength – ultraviolet B – generally are the cause of sunburns on your skin. But the other kind – ultraviolet A – can do a mean bit of damage to your skin. While it is now a well acknowledged point that an effect of too much sun exposure can be the cause of skin cancer, it is equally true that there are other effects like premature aging and wrinkling associated with it as well. But these effects are, in comparison, more innocuous. For most anti-aging treatments, you can depend on skin clinics – like Kaya clinic – to help you to sort yourself out.

You can reduce the amount of time that you spend out in the sun and try to find some activities to entertain you within your own home. If you end up with a lifestyle that needs you to go outside and mingle, your best self defence in all kinds of weather could be a good, solid sunscreen with a high enough SPF. The higher the SPF of the sunscreen, the longer you can depend on being outside in the sun with relative protection. If you want, you can buy some good sun screen lotion with a high SPF from somewhere like Kaya clinic, who have such products. There are also various skin treatments available to get rid of the tan that you acquire during the summer months.

Remember, though, that you need to be careful with your sunscreen lotion. You have to make sure that you apply enough sun screen lotion that your skin gets protected from the harmful UV rays. So go on and be generous when you apply your lotion. You also need to apply it every couple of hours, when it is likely washed off of your skin in water or perspiration. There are sweat proof and to an extent even water proof sunscreen lotions available. Try looking for them at Kaya clinic. These tend to last longer on your skin than those that aren’t sweat or water proof. But even with these, you need to make sure that you regularly apply a layer of the lotion to your skin should it seem to wear off.

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