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Solution for Error- Load needed DLLs for kernel

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If you are using Microsoft Windows XP Professional or Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition,while trying to boot your computer, you may come across an error message following which the booting process halts and all your data in the hard drive remain inaccessible. The situation may drag you to look for any Windows partition recovery software to recover your valuable data back. The error message that you may come across may be as follows:

“Windows could not start because of an error in the software. Please report this problem as : load needed DLLs for kernel. Please contact your support person to report this problem. ”


Though sometimes, errors related to one part reflects on another. Still, here, the most probable reason behind the above error can be the mismatch of Hal.dll and Ntoskrnl.exe files due to the deletion, corruption or misplacement of these files due to any virus/malware intrusion, system failure or any such reason.


In order to resolve the above issue, you need to follow certain steps as below:

•    Try to boot your computer from the Windows XP installation disc.
•    Press the key F8 for accepting the license agreement when it asked.
•    Go to the setup page and choose to repair the Windows installation by pressing 'R'.
•    Then, in the recovery console, try running CHKDSK, which can try fixing the errors on your disk.
•    Try running BOOTCFG/rebuild, which may try rebuilding your boot configuration. Give the required system information when it asked and press enter.
•    Then, try running FIXBOOT, which will fix your current boot sector.
•    Lastly, you can run FIXMBR, which will try to fix the current master boot record. Choose EXIT to go out of the recovery console and restart the computer.

After following the above steps, the error must have been resolved. However, If you are still having trouble booting your system, then you are left with a single choice to format and make fresh installation of Windows. In such a case, you have to restore the data from the available valid backup. If you have not taken backup of all your data or failed to restore the data from the backup server, then you need to take the help of any partition recovery software to recover the data from the formatted drive.

Partition recovery software are meant to recover the lost, deleted or formatted partitions from the troubled storage media under any instance of data loss. These utilities are designed on the basis of storage structure of various storage devices and can locate even the formatted partitions.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is a partition recovery utility from Stellar, a well known data recovery giant. The recovery software is capable of recovering any Windows based partition, such as FAT, exFAT, NTFS and is compatible to  Windows 7, XP, Vista, 200 and 2003.

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