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Are You Pursuing Medical Assistant Training

by anonymous

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Do you know there were 527,600 Medical Assistant jobs in America in the year 2010 (as per the government records)? Do you know that the minimum annual income of a medical assistant is $28, 860?


If the answer is ‘No’, then you must read this article for a thorough knowledge about what your career goal.


In the past couple of years, there has been an abrupt rise in the medical field. Right from the medical facilities to medical jobs, everything is in hype these days. The same is the case with Medical Assistant Training opportunities.


The fact that the U.S. government believes that there should be at least 31% rise in terms of job opportunities, for Medical Assistant Training profile, may catch you with surprise, but it is nothing other than sheer truth.


Although these figures are lucrative enough; but the fact that you do not need much of academic credentials, other than a basic training in the field, for the entry-level job, makes it even more appealing.


Now, when you know so much about the scope of this job profile, let us have a quick look at the duties of a medical assistant. Apart from the administrative and other non-technical responsibilities, here are the few most prominent job responsibilities of a Medical Assistant.


  • Take the entire medical history from the patients, before the doctor conducts a checkup- Almost in every case, the doctor wants to know the past medical history of the patients, so that he could suggest the best treatment. However, it is very time consuming, because of which the assistants are given this responsibility, so that they could gather all the required information, and highlight the details that might be helpful for the doctor.

  • Assist the doctor to carry out any sort of test or medical examination- A medical practitioner cannot always perform the medical test alone, which is why an assistant is required.

  • Take care of the patient’s appointment for consultation – A doctor cannot always manage his time, which is why he needs an assistant.

  • Manage the laboratory

  • Perform medical treatment (like injecting, explain the prescribed medication by the doctor, and so on)


Other than these, assistant sterilizes the equipments, arrange all the necessary tools used in the treatment, take care of patients, much more.


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