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Transform Your Whole Personality with Dental Implants – Part

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If you, like others, are thinking, “why should I go for dental implants or why do I replace my missing teeth,” then let me tell you my friend, you got to check the facts before making any hasty decision that could impact on your overall look. Believe it or not, a missing or broken tooth, even a decayed tooth, if it is noticeable, impacts greatly on your self-esteem. Somewhere in your sub-conscious mind you are feared of smiling freely in front of the camera or while greeting a stranger. It impacts your whole personality. Okay! Fine if you think, it does not impact you this way, then you can not deny the fact that you opt for food that you can chew easily, when you are out with your friends? Now you got to admit the truth. It is about your health. Everybody knows, how difficult it is to chew food with a broken or missing tooth. And in case you think you are getting proper nutrition from the food that you are taking in, then you are forgetting about a certain group of food varieties (including dry fruits and fruits) that are helpful in the proper nutrition. There is no need to delay in getting an appointment from your dentist for a dental implant?


Dental implants are the most modern and the best technique to restore misplaced, broken or missing teeth. They look and feel just like natural teeth.


Reasons for tooth loss


Tooth decay, cavities or accidents are the prominent reasons for tooth loss. Other reasons that can cause tooth loss is:


Gum disease, which produces swelling around a tooth


Gingivitis, an infection of the tissues in the mouth caused by bacteria


Root canal failure, congenital defects and injury are some other factors which cause tooth loss


Types of dental implants NYC


There are three kinds of dental implants that can relieve you from the agony of missing teeth, they are :


Endosteal (with in the bone)


Subperiosteal implant and


Transosteal implant (through the bone)


In part – II of the article we will elaborate more on the types of dental implants. So keep coming back to know various ways with which you can transform your smile and restore your beautiful look.


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