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Common Types of Self Storage Units and Their Characteristics

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Clutter can be a problem in most Vancouver homes. Old furniture, books, children’s toys, and yellowing newspaper should be sorted, organized, and properly disposed of. If you want to hold on to some of your belongings that have sentimental value or significance, you should consider renting a self storage unit in Vancouver.

Self storage facilities provide lockers, rooms, containers, and outdoor space for a monthly or yearly fee. You can store goods, possessions, and other bulky objects in your personal storage unit. Most self storage businesses guarantee their facilities’ safety by installing digital locks, closed-circuit television (CCTV), cameras and hiring a 24-hour security guard. A self storage unit’s size can be as small as a walk-in closet and as big as a two-car garage. Storage units are a great way to keep your important belongings without sacrificing your living space. Here are the common types of self storage units that you might want to consider availing:

Indoor Storage

These units are part of a building that might have several floors of storage. Units are accessible by walking through doors, hallways, and elevators. It’s ideal to choose a unit on the lower floors to save you time and effort when bringing in your stuff or coming in to get them. Most indoor storage units are climate-controlled which make them popular among customers who want to store their goods in a moisture-free and temperature-regulated setting.

Outdoor Storage

Vancouver self storage units are suitable for boats, heavy equipment, and vehicles. Outdoor storage units typically have cement or gravel floors and open like a garage with roll up doors. Security is a major issue with outdoor storage units because they are accessible from outside. Therefore, you must check the security features of the facility before renting a unit.

Drive-up Storage

Drive-up storage units are comparable to a one-car garage in size. From the word “drive-up”, you can have the convenience of backing your car or truck in a drive-up storage unit and directly unloading your items. You wouldn’t have to carry your belongings from your car to a floor inside a building. A drive-up self storage Vancouver residents prefer is one that has climate control with quality heating and cooling systems.

Mobile Storage

Mobile storage is relatively new in the Vancouver self storage industry. These are storage units that can be moved from one place to another, ideal for moving. Mobile storage units can be rented for a few days or months. To learn more about the different types of self storage units and their comparisons, you may visit for related articles.

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