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Advantages Bed Bug Gold Program.

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Introducing Advantage’s Bed Bug Gold Program. The guaranteed way to eliminate bed bugs from your own. Our guaranteed treatment plan includes:


  • Steaming

  • 2 way tape

  • Insecticide Treatment – incl. minimum of 2 services. Customer under warranty for 3 months from initial service.

  • Diatamatious Earth

  • Encasement Covers

  • Monitoring Devices

  • Glue Boards


Bed bug infestations in urban areas are on the rise. The most effective treatment against Bed Bugs is high temperature steam. Steam will kill bedbugs at all stages of their life cycle. There are many treatment options available for bed bugs,

However many are complicated, expensive and often utilize chemicals.


Using a Bed Bug killing commercial grade steamer to do the job is something that Entomologists specializing in bed bugs recognize as part of an effective treatment plan. Pest Management professionals may also use steam as part of their repertoire, particularly those that prefer to use a more health friendly approach. Advantage only uses the best products to eliminate your bed bug problem.


Advantage Pest Control also offers a chemical free solution for bed bugs and many household sanitation tasks. You can purchase bed bug killing steamers on our website. It is essential that the steam machine you choose produces a dry ‘vapor’ steam. It must reach a minimum temperature of 120°F or 36°C to be effective in killing bed bugs and properly sanitizing any home surfaces.




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