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Wood Flooring Solidity Contrast via Janka Hardness Test

by wilbertpadilla

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By passing an exam called the Janka Hardness Test (JHT), hardwood floors get their “hard” part score. It is a basic exam that determines the solidity element of particular species of hardwood, from Californian Redwood to Brazilian Ebony. It additionally tests for toughness in their resistance to denting and continuous wear and tear.

The JHT is named after Gabriel Janka, an Austrian wood research worker who created the examination in 1906. The test measures exactly how much force is needed to drive a steel ball 0.444 in (11.28 mm) in diameter exactly halfway in to the area of the hardwood. As per ASTM D143, in which the JHT was included in 1927, the sample hardwood must be 2 inches broad, 2 inches tall, and 6 inches long. Right here are the rankings for some types of hardwood.

Northern Red Oak
Some hardwood floor covering providers make use of the Northern Red Oak as the baseline for the type of hardwood they offer. With a Janka score of 1290, the Red Oak (as it's collectively called) is, by far, the most abundant species of hardwood in the eastern hardwood woods. It accounts for at least 37 percent of the hardwood readily available in the market.

Brazilian Cherry
Additionally called the Jatoba, this amazing hardwood thrives mostly in southern Mexico as well as in Latin America. It has a Janka rating of 2350; and while it's the harder material for hardwood flooring Los Angeles homes want, it's not as plentiful as Red Oak. Brazilian Cherry is also one of few types of hardwood that has actually been rated highly resistant against dry-wood pests.

Brazilian Walnut
One of the hardest hardwoods in existence, the Ipe delighted in the leading spot in the Janka firmness range prior to being defeated by the Australian Buloke. With a Janka rating of 3684, this type for hardwood floors Los Angeles locals would like is normally resistant against practically every little thing. It's rated Class A by the National Fire Protection Association for fire resistance, the same class as with steel and concrete. It can also withstand decay without the need for preservatives.

If you want to know even more regarding the different varieties of hardwoods and their JHT ratings, check out For requests pertaining to additional kinds of floor covering like laminate flooring Los Angeles homes have, call your nearby floor covering supplier.

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