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Reduce Second Hand Smoking With E cigarette

by elynieva

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The campaign against second-hand smoke had been very effective in that many smokers were pushed to little spaces called smoking areas. They argued that this causes increased risk of cancer, severe asthma among children and lung problems just to name a few for those who are inhaling what the puff out. Pro smoking-bans and anti-smoking advocates were able to track down that there is a link between second hand smoke and lung cancer, heart disease, stroke and respiratory problems. There were many lobbyists who pushed for higher sin tax so as to push down the number of smokers by making its access more expensive.  Some proposed graphic pictures to be posted in cigarettes pack that would help demotivate smoking like what they do in Singapore. And of course there is the smoking bans which have the most impact. For many smokers, they tried to take back their freedom to smoke anywhere through the use of e cigarette. By using this, they will no longer produce smoke and ash, just vapor with minimal dose of nicotine minus tar and other additives.


This is now considered as the next best thing, and it really is a smarter alternative because it is not as dangerous as the regular cigarette. The e cigarette is advertised heavily as a healthier alternative to the traditional ones. Its ability to bypass smoking bans and the like are just secondary, minor in the least. Since they do not produce smoke, they are not covered by smoking bans, and they won’t alarm the smoke detectors in case you’ve decided to puff some in your office. Although the argument that this instrument has minimal risk is still controversial among health specialists, it still successfully won the hearts of the smokers, who wanted to stop or be free from bans, in 2009. During the ancient eras, cigarettes were even wrongly known as a cure for the diseases which they were proven to cause now. If smokers think it will make them cool, and somewhat mysterious, then why don’t they just use the e cigarette which gives the same effect? This is one step closer to a healthier lifestyle, one step closer to breaking this deadly habit. Although, you must have heard of things such as those pushed by lobbyists paid for and by tobacco companies to kill a rising competitor. One of those is that the materials used in the making of e cigarette causes cancer. Just remember, there are always two sides of a debate.

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