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The Important Things About Crysis 3 Game

by maddyacca

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The world has been raided by unknown alien forces. The earth's climate has undergone massive changes. Following the battle of the Raptor team in the Lingshan Islands, the premier metropolis of the world, New York City has now been transformed into a battlefield. The site of the battle is New York's liberty dome which is home to seven distinctive environments. After the annihilation of most of the raptor team, Prophet remains to fight the battle for humanity and act as its savior. Prophet comes equipped with an ever more powerful and unique nanosuit capable of customizing weapons and unlocking unique super soldier capabilities. Crysis 3 is the final battle in a trilogy. It provides the player with an enthralling and exhilarating experience of ultimate warfare.

The game has been developed by Crytek and uses the sandbox platform by the latest installment of CryENGINE, the CryENGINE 3 to create its awe inspiring graphics and open levels. Players have the ability to create their own adaptive strategies and game play tactics through the use of sandbox. Sandbox technology is an open console where players determine their own path in the game. The nanosuit is now equipped with new modes apart from the two introduced in the two prequels. If you are crazy to it Crysis 3 then first of all you should know about Crysis 3 System Requirements, because if you bought it and after that you computer has some requirement issues then you are in trouble. Armor, strength, speed, and cloak are the four modes nanosuit which you can toy with and enjoy the thrill of battling it out with the aliens. The multiplayer mode allows interactive game-play simultaneously with 32 players. An added thrill in this version of the game is that you can now seize weapons and armor from your nemesis apart from the arsenal you already have. The seven different environments of the liberty dome are proof of some amazing creative work on the part of the Crytek creative team. The game comes alive as you battle it out in the life like forests. The game is set in real time with life like sunsets and moonlit nights.

Crysis 3 is compatible with the operating systems windows XP, windows vista, and windows 7 with an Intel Core 2 Duo and a 2 GB RAM. The game comes with very powerful sound effects and requires a Direct x 9.0 compatible audio system. For a complete feel for the game these specifications are important, however they are subject to change since these are just tentative system requirements. Apart from the PC compatibility, the game is also available for Xbox 360 and PS3. The important thing is Crysis 3 release date and it's February 2013.

To experience ultimate warfare and a fight to the death with the alien forces trying to invade planet earth, enjoy this final version of the Crysis trilogy. Crysis 3 is sure to captivate you with its invigorating graphics and special effects. The real time and multiplayer game play provides a lifelike gaming experience. Engage in a virtual battle to savior mankind from the wrath of the aliens and uncover the secret behind the alien invasion. Use the stealth and superhero strength of the nanosuit to destroy the aliens and take revenge for the death of your counterparts in the delta force. 

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