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Seeing an Eye Doctor to Avoid More Eye Troubles

by pearliemccubbin

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A gorgeous pair of eyes can be an attractive asset for any individual of any age, citizenship, or gender. While many people are naturally lured to a pair of striking eyes, what attributes make eyes beautiful or attractive? You'd most probably have a subjective answer from your respondents; relying on one's standard of beauty, it may be the color of the iris, the shape of the eyelids, and also the arch of the brows.

Nevertheless, what truly matters is visual acuity-- aesthetic points aside. One person could have eyes with epicanthic folds (i.e. "Oriental" eyes) but have 20/20 vision, while another could have lustrous "Betty Davis eyes," but with really poor eyesight. Which would you choose? Probably, you'd like the former because that's exactly what eyes are for-- to see clearly without any type of trouble.

They point out that the eyes are the windows to the soul, however they are really our windows to the outside world. These organs provide us the means to view and engage with our surroundings. Without vision, it may be very challenging-- although still feasible-- to live a normal existence. Hence, it is essential for everyone to take care of their eyes.

As reported by the Vision Council of America, near 75 percent of adults in the country, consisting of those based in New York City, use some kind of device to help with correcting the vision. Around 64% of these adults use eyeglasses, and around 11 percent put on contact lenses NYC residents utilize either exclusively or with glasses. And for those who utilize both contact lenses and spectacles, 62 percent stated they used contact lenses more commonly.

Without a doubt, even though one can utilize either eyeglasses or contact lenses to fix one's vision, it is still appropriate to visit eye doctors NYC optical centers provide for comprehensive eye examinations. This is a healthy routine that can prevent significant eye issues from developing, which can trigger irreversible vision loss. To paraphrase an old quote, a routine visit to your eye doctor helps keep your eyesight strong and eyeglass-free.

Nothing can be more frustrating than losing one's vision, and this can be hindered by the regular eye exam NYC doctors offer. For more information on the topic, you could visit the following website,

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