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Important Safety Tips for Using Disability Scooters

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There are many people who are suffering from mobility problems in life either due to some accidental injuries like broken leg, knee or hip surgery and even due to old age problems. Disability scooters or mobility scooters are a perfect choice for people who are suffering from such severe problems of mobility. Since these devices run on motors they are also called as advanced wheelchairs. There are different models of disability scooters available in the market. It is worth thinking about what is the need of the person, whether he wants to use it indoor, outdoor or both before buying. Depending on the requirement right model can be selected for daily use. Before the user starts using the vehicle, it is important to understand some safety tips for proper use and correct utilization of the product. Following are few safety tips to avoid any damages and injuries while driving these special scooters-


  • The user should read the instruction manual and understand all the operating functions thoroughly. Basic navigation functions to control the vehicle on bumps, curves and uneven ground should be understood well.
  • While driving user should always avoid broken or sideways-slanted pavements. Broken pavement can cause situations of slippage or sudden slight drop and he can fall off from the vehicle. Whereas, if the pavement is slanted there can be a tipping risk of his mobility scooter. It is always recommended to read the manual and understand what are the limits of the vehicle and to which level it can go up or down on such terrains.
  • If the user travels frequently near roadways it is important to follow all basic traffic rules like stopping at the signals and stop signs. He should always drive on the pavements made for wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Avoid driving at high-speed and in the middle of the lane to avoid accidents.
  • If the user is driving near a roadway, he should wear bright and eye catchy colors especially in the dark. This will make him visible to other opposing motorists in the night and avoid happening any accidents or mishaps.
  • It is very important for a user to park his vehicle in a proper place at public places. He should always turn off the scooter and remove the keys if its key operated. Be sure the brake is properly engaged. This will keep the vehicle safe and secured from unwanted thefts.



Following all these safety tips will help from getting any severe injuries and the user will be able to enjoy his ride with confidence.


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