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Simple tips for choosing the right bathroom mirror with ligh

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When it comes to decorating or remodeling a bathroom, light fittings and interior designing is given least importance. Many people think it is worth spending on decorating living rooms or kitchen in the house. A lot of baths are often seen with inadequate lighting at the mirror. Today placing a good and trendy bathroom mirror with lights not just adds function, but also glamour to the entire space. In traditional bathrooms the mirror was simply a place to get ready for the upcoming day and often single ceiling fixture would manage it all. Before you head out, for buying a good bathroom mirror and appropriate light fittings below are some important things to be considered -



  • Measure it up – If you are heading to buy a bathroom mirror with lights always take the right measurements of the available space along. This means the size of your bathroom mirror will typically be dictated by the size of your vanity countertop. Length and height are both determining factors in placing the right mirror for your space.


  • Think about the style – There are framed, frameless and custom made mirrors available in the market. Decide what style will suit best to your bathroom décor and the entire theme. Framed mirrors are the common choice of many families whereas custom made mirrors are opted to match the décor of the space. Actually all depends on the space and personal choice of the person.


  • Choose the right shape – Bathroom mirrors come in several shapes, sizes and colors. Choosing the best style for your space and décor can be a tedious task. One should focus on functionality and style while buying them. Again, it is very important that the shape of the mirror and lights match each other.


  • Determine your budget – Set and plan a budget before you start hunting for a good bathroom mirror. It is always good to keep the amount limit in mind which you can safely spend on this kind of an item.


  • Remember the function – Mirrors and lights together will brighten up your bathroom for sure. It will illuminate light evenly on the face giving clear image and reflection. Buy a simple mirror if you are looking for only clear reflection in your space. You can also look for options which allow storage, additional lighting and color effects.


In all bathroom mirrors with lights are chosen for their increased functionality to make your bathroom look bigger, stylish and aesthetic in appeal.


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