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Social Cam – The Next Instagram?

by anonymous

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It’s safe to say anyone who has a Facebook account and has accessed their newsfeed before has been exposed to a Socialcam video.  These videos tend to have outrageous titles and visuals which are the perfect lure for anyone bored on the internet.  A few attention grabbing titles among many include “Stupid Guy Hits Girlfriend,” “Officer vs. Gangsta Thug in Brawl,” and “How to Steal 23 MacBook Pros, 14 iPhones, and 9 iPods in 31 Seconds” according to an article written in Yahoo News.   Urging users to enable privacy settings on this app is pointless when they found the videos publicly in the first place.  The article entitled “Why (and How) to Turn off Facebook’s Socialcam” is spreading the message to Facebook users to turn off their Socialcam app.  Maybe it’s just me but doesn’t this seem to be common sense that if you access a Socialcam video in your newsfeed, click on it, allow the app to run and access your private settings it will post on your wall or timeline? Did you not find this video in the first place through your newsfeed of it being posted on one of your friends’ walls or timelines?






If someone is so concerned about their friends knowing if they watched a video about officers fighting gangsta thugs then why are they watching these videos through Facebook?  You found this video on someone else’s wall what makes you think it will not post on your own wall after you watch it as well?   If you’re friends with your grandmother on Facebook and don’t want her to see these alluring videos you’re watching don’t enable an app to share it on your wall, it’s as simple as that.  If you want to watch a video about stealing iPhones and iPads there’s no reason you can’t sign off your Facebook and watch the video through a separate site such as Youtube.



Socialcam CEO Michael Siebel has reported that although Socialcam is experiencing technical issues regarding privacy they have recently been fixed as of May 15, 2012.  After enabling privacy settings many users have reported difficulties having the app stick with these privacy settings.  The author of the article mentions after signing on from a phone and watching a video, the app’s settings defaulted back to public.  Siebel also mentions the main purpose of Socialcam is “To attract users with popular videos and then transition them to using Socialcam to share their own videos much in the way that Instagram did with photos.”



Clearly the purpose is to gravitate attention towards these videos which is the reason they are posting all over your Facebook friends’ walls and timelines.  The only way to guarantee no one will know what embarrassing videos you’re into watching is to sign off Facebook and watch them on a different site. Socialcam has become the most popular Facebook app this past month with 40 million active Facebook connected users.  The only way sites like Socialcam can gain so many active users on a daily basis without advertising is to be able to publish these videos publicly through Facebook.   Since Socialcam relies heavily on Facebook users to publish these videos to gain users it is no surprise the site somehow manages to overcome privacy requests.  The more videos publicly portrayed on Facebook, the more users register to watch Socialcam videos.  This is a phenomenal way for the site to expand without any help of online advertising.  Users have more than enough warning, if you find the video through a friend’s wall it will have the ability to publish on yours.



A site like Socialcam is completely dependent on Facebook users publicly watching these videos in order to constantly acquire new users.  If you take away Socialcam’s ability to publicly post you will take away the medium through which they attract users.  It’s actually a genius idea; to tie an upcoming site with an extremely popular site like Facebook, no wonder Socialcam has exploded this past month.



So users beware.  Know that anything you do that is tied to a Facebook app will likely have the ability to publicly post.  Keep in mind that friends and family you interact with on Facebook will be able to see the last video you watched.  Save explicit videos for explicit websites, the kinds you have to pay for so you know no one will see that unless they pay too.


The real question is how does SocialCam make money? Companies like make money through pay per click advertising on various websites. It seems like the new way to make moneyis to invest a lot of money, lose even more money, but get enough users and eyeballs so the new Big 4 (Google/Yahoo/Microsoft/) buys you out for billions!


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