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Effective Pest Control Westminster Measures

by liyo89

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There are three major types of pest control Westminster measures that are considered very effective. The most appropriate measure often depends on the type and on the amount of infestation you have at home, and of course on the method you are most knowledgeable and comfortable with.


Chemical pest control is a widely used treatment measure for any kind of pest infestation. It is also considered the fastest and most effective way of getting rid of pests. Chemical pest control includes the use of pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, or rodenticides; your choice of chemicals always depends on the type of pests that have infested your home. These chemical products are manufactured with compounds and ingredients that specifically target the nervous systems of pests, anesthetizing or killing them instantly when swallowed. Chemicals for pest control and prevention come in different forms. They can be offered in the form of aerosol sprays, granule or powdery material, or ultra-low volume concentrates. Important considerations when using chemical pest control include ensuring that you have the right chemicals for the right pests, and that you are using the product wisely and safely.


Some, especially those who are not comfortable with chemical pest control due to the hazard it may cause, prefer to solve pest infestation in a natural, non-chemical way. Mechanical pest control includes the use of baits and traps to capture rodents, flyswatters to capture insects like flies and moths, and bug zappers for various flying insects. A highly innovative mechanical device that is becoming popular these days is the auditory bird scarer, which is manufactured with high-frequency sound waves. This device is mainly used to scare away nuisance birds like pigeons and common myna, although there are also some auditory devices designed to get rid of insects.


Although the results of biological pest control may not be as quick as chemical or non-chemical measures, experts of pest control in Westminster highly recommend this method, mainly because there are no hazardous chemicals involved and it doesn’t cost money. The method involves the use of natural predators and parasites to kill and eat insects, and other types of pests. For instance, cats at home can prevent the spread and invasion of rats and mice. In the garden, good insects like green lacewings and dragonflies can feed on pests insects.


While these are the major and most effective types of pest control Westminster measures that you can apply at home, remember that there is one easy method that can prevent the spread of pests at home, and that is maintaining good hygiene and clean environment. Pests, from insects to rodents, to birds, will take every opportunity to feed on food that they see around them. And unless you provide them even that slightest opportunity, you won’t have problems with pest infestation.


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