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Different Services for Residential Swimming Pools

by cathynewman

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Swimming pools provide delight for your family on hot days and also make your home look more interesting. Therefore, your swimming pool needs to always be in its best condition. There are services you can hire to keep your pool beautiful, intact, and safe to play in.

Like any plumbing equipment, swimming pools can become worn with age, especially the older ones that are made of fiberglass. Fiberglass pools remain in use today; however, these are not being made as much as before because fiberglass is difficult to repair. A damaged portion means replacing the entire pool. Modern swimming pool contractors opt for concrete-based plaster for a stronger pool then. Some swimming pool contractors recommend that fiberglass pools be replaced with plaster.

Swimming pools typically have pavers around them, the stone or concrete flooring where swimmers can walk or sit on. These may also be made of bricks, which are relatively easy to clean and repair. Natural stone pavers are comfortable to walk on and are very cool, especially when wet; individual blocks can be replaced to make them look like new.

Plaster and tile repair are part of pool renovation services. The Chicago swimming pool service that homeowners hire can offer them several choices for plaster and tile repair. The concrete foundation of their pools can be made whole again using gunite or shotcrete, which is good against leaks and keeps the pipes in place within. Then, the pool floor is given a smooth finish with quartz, pebbles, or glass beads.

Custom swimming pools in Chicago can also be built for commercial and residential properties. They can come in different shapes and styles. Flooring designs, steps, and lighting can be made as creative as possible. These are all put together with proper safety measures to make swimming as fun as possible.

Some custom swimming pools in Chicago can include pool decks, which are swimming pools build above ground surrounded by a deck. The deck can be made of wood, but some homeowners like them with some concrete. Cleaning services for pool decks can also be offered by pool services. For more information, see

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