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Headlights for cycles are a necessity for a safe ride

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Many mountain bikers face major problem of light while travelling in the dark. It is very important for night bikers to take safety precautions when riding in the mountains terrains or on the road.  There are several accidents happening on the road due to lack of sufficient light and bikers not being sighted by the heavy road vehicles at night. Many bike accessories have been launched in the market to make the riding experience more comfortable and safe in day and night times. One of the most efficient bike accessories are headlights for cycles, which are designed and developed for the safety of the rider in the dark. Areas like mountains and woods where there are no roads and street poles these headlights prove to be of great help. Moreover, with the advent of headlights for cycle’s people who have restricted their riding to daytime can now explore and extend it to riding in the night safely.

Headlights for cycles are mostly LED based, which can be mounted in different positions like on the helmet, on the handle bar and on the tail. These lights work on batteries, which need to be carried along if you are planning for a long mountain expedition or long hours of riding in the dark. Batteries are big and heavy, which makes it little difficult to carry them everywhere, but it is always better to plan for safety in advance. When thinking of mounting positions, mounting on the helmet is mostly preferred by mountain bikers as the light beam follows the biker’s sight and head movement and provides light in the direction you look. The only thing which makes it little difficult to carry headlight on helmets is the weight of the batteries, remember they need to be placed where the headlight is. This weight causes irritation while riding and extra pressure on the head and neck.

 Another position is bar mounted, which is mostly used by common riders for light travelling. Bar mounted headlights have stronger beams of light and last longer as compared to helmet headlights. They are reliable and easy to use since battery is connected with the frame of the bike, which helps the rider in riding the bike without any difficulty. Headlights for cycles are very important to ensure your safety while riding in the dark and to avoid accidents.

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