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Bering dangerous, marijuana is also beneficial

by ricymardona

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In the modern days, science has improved a lot in inventing various types of drugs for remedial purpose. Marijuana is such a kind of injurious drug. Besides being harmful, marijuana is an important drug used for medical purpose. It is a harmful drug but is helpful in curing some of the medical diseases. The United States of America is a country that has issued the acts and laws in the introduction of cannabis as a medical drug. The Rode Island is the place where the use of the drug of marijuana is legalized. There were many people who opposed to such an act of making the drug a medical one. Many controversies were connected with the use of marijuana. Bering a harmful drug, marijuana has an intoxicating nature which if taken constantly can make the person addicted to it.

The use of the drug in medical purpose is the main aim of the <a href=""><b>Medical marijuana program RI</a></b>. According to the initiative, marijuana is providing remedy to many ailments. However, the teenagers are misusing the drug for the sake of intoxication. The overdose of such a harmful drug can be dangerous. This should be stopped. In order to stop the intake of the drug the Medical marijuana program RI was established.

The people who have randomly used the drug are sole responsible for the damages and threats that was caused by the marijuana. Due to the medicinal properties of the drug of marijuana it was included in the Medical marijuana act text. This is an act which is established with the aim of eradicating the people from the ill effects of marijuana. The Medical marijuana act text discusses the merits and demerits of the marijuana drug. This act is facilitated to provide peace to the people of Rode Island. It is a supposed belief that the sufferings are going to end soon. One has to accept the fact that there are many merits as well as demerits connected with this drug. It can destroy the mankind if gone to bad hands. But it is advised to consult a well qualified and experienced <a href=""><b>Marijuana doctor RI</a></b>. Supervision of a physician is required while taking marijuana as a drug. They are going to advise one on the amount that is to be taken. A Marijuana doctor RI advises the patient that it is a safe drug. The doctor suggests the drug according to the patient’s medical condition.

The diseases where the drug of marijuana can be used are HIV, Hepatitis C and cancer. Cannabis known as marijuana has many advantages. The power of marijuana is extraordinary. Any individual should give prominence to health first and then other things. Living a healthy life should be the first priority of an individual. One should get ensured that marijuana should be used properly. Getting the sound knowledge of the ill effects and advantages of the marijuana should be considered the first and foremost thing. The misuse of the drug should be eliminated and more and more people should know the advantages of the drug.

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