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MICR in Sales and Other Parts of the Business World

by clintonmcalexander

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Have you ever wondered if the Optical Character Recognition of your house scanner might have some purpose in company and industry? Believe it or not, it's the same innovation used to secure numerous sales, business, and even banks. What you require is a sort of printer the financial industry commonly makes use of: an MICR printer.

MICR stands for magnetic ink character recognition, information technology that enables scanning devices to read the string of printed text under bank checks. It may seem something pretty new, but the technology was made around 60 years ago to comply with the need for a computerized system of checking out millions of checks instantaneously and precisely. MICR is one of the most protected means of verifying checks in the world today.

The MICR code is located at the lower part of the check called the MICR clear band, and no place else. The check may be rendered null and void if there's a little bit of toner or ink smudge on the clear band at the front or back. Moreover, the code is placed 0.1875 (3/16) inches above and below the clear band of every valid check.

Only two types of faces for printing the MICR code are permitted: the E13-B and the CMC-7 fonts. The E13-B font is more widely used in, but not limited to, the United States and the United Kingdom; while the CMC-7 is more commonly used in, however not restricted to, France, Spain, and the Mediterranean areas. Good quality MICR ink or toner should be capable of printing clear codes for proper verification.

The quality of MICR toner and ink is typically created to survive extreme conditions, as per the requirements set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). In other words, a routine ink or toner may not create the same effect as the ink or toner designed for MICR printing. Because the image is supposed to be scanned, the pigments ought to not fade. Otherwise, the check will risk of being revoked by the equipment and, inevitably, rejected by the bank.

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