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Excel recovery solutions when Workbook is Damaged

by anonymous

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Excel is one of the most commonly used spreadsheet application, owing to its ease of use and the a large number of features, including arithmetic operations, graphing tools, pivot tables, and more. Despite extending all these features, it has not been able to escape a few drawbacks and bugs. Amongst many, one is damage to workbooks, due to power surge, human error, virus attack, abrupt shutdown of the system, file becoming too large, incompatible upgradation, application malfunction, network issues, improper coding etc. In such case, one may try to repair Excel file, manually or using Excel file repair tools.

If one fine day, a person opens an Excel file to make changes in it, and finds that is is damaged, he/she is in a state of shock. When that initial stage of shock passes, it is only then that a person can think rationally. And, then it is recommended to think of that backup, which was created when work had just been completed in that file. But what to do if the backup doesn't work, or worse you forgot to created a backup.

In case a file is damaged, it may either not open, or may not show data in correct form (may be garbled text) after opening. To resolve this problem, and extract your data, follow the directions given underneath:

If the file doesn't open: Try to open your workbook with the 'Open and Repair' feature. When we select Open from the File menu of Excel application, then the dialog box which opens allows you to select the file which has to be opened, after which you need to click on the small arrow on the right side of the 'Open' button. Thereafter, you should select 'Open and Repair'. Following this, you need to click on 'Repair' when prompted.

If the file opens:
You may be able to filter it, by saving it as HTML Web Page, or XML Spreadsheet format. After this, you should close the file, and then reopen, and save it as Microsoft Excel Workbook. You may not be able to save everything, but most of the things.

If neither works, then you need to opt for a third-party Excel file repair tool. These tools apply complex algorithms to repair Excel file and extract maximum data from it.

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