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Keep Your Paper Files from Getting Damaged and Lost

by rubybadcoe

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Paper was invented in China around 100 BC by a Han Dynasty government official named Ts’ai Lun. He mixed hemp rags with finely chopped mulberry bark, flattened it, and let it dry up under the sun. Since then, the production of paper and its widespread use gained momentum. Today, thousands of paper sheets can be made by a single manufacturing plant every day. From the pages of books you read to the sheets of tissue you use to wipe your sweaty face, the importance of paper in your daily life is quite obvious.

When you think about it, even the simple post-it notes seem valuable. But, an even more precious product made from these processed fibers is paper records. These documents contain vital information necessary for the smooth operation and maintenance of several organizations. Thus, if you’re involved in a career or business that calls for records management, it’s crucial to have a secure file storage equipment and location. Here are some safety measures you can take into account when storing files:

Water Resistance: Fight Against Flood and Forget About the Rain

Water may be considered as the element of life, but they can be the death of your files. Investing on waterproof storage cabinets or containers ensures that unfortunate events like accidental spilling, roof leakages, burst pipes, and unexpected flooding won’t affect any of your stored records. Water resistant containers are tightly sealed to deny entry even to the tiniest drop of liquid.

Fire Resistance: No Flames are Hot Enough to Set Your Files Aflame

Because fire is such a devastating disaster, there are several storage vaults and cabinets designed to keep your files in one piece until the firefighters arrive to save the day. In fact, individuals that rely on Williams records management services can rest easy knowing that their files are kept in both waterproof and fireproof vaults. If you can’t afford the large and heavy duty fire resistant containers, at least invest on affordable ones to hold your most valuable records.

Locks: Keep Unwelcome Eyes and Hands Off Your Records

These days, basic padlocks are no longer enough to discourage persistent thieves. Unconquerable locks are a main component of Williams records management and other services that offer paper records storage. Digital locks that require biometrics and pin codes are the latest solutions in storage lock technology.

Whether you choose to hire the professional storage service of companies like Williams records management or prefer to buy a specialized vault for your needs, make sure to pick the best one. Paper records are important but extremely fragile items. Read more about this topic at

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