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Advantages and Disadvantages of Gas and Electric Heaters

by darryliorio

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Electric heaters and gas heaters are the two kinds of water heaters available today on the market. Majority of homes still employ gas heaters to make hot water; but the frequent increase in gas prices are compelling some to shift to electric ones. The two heaters possess their own pros and cons, but what is really the smartest choice?

Gas water heaters are employed in a lot of households across Canada and the United States. To boot, they've been heating water since the 17th century, although during that time they were pretty large. Electricity for producing hot water, however, didn’t arrive until near the end of the 18th century. Here is an analysis of electric and gas water heaters, as well as their benefits and downsides.

Gas water heaters

Canadian suburbs depend on a network of gas lines to provide houses with the gas for their water heaters. It is known that gas water heaters heat more quickly, letting it generate hot water faster than its electric version. Suburbs such as Vancouver and Surrey are linked to gas pipes; the residents, in turn, pay a fee every month for its use.

Nonetheless, not all of Canada has access to natural gas lines, generally distant areas such as the great outdoors. Even if Canada has sufficient pipelines to circle the world approximately 18 times over, the lines don’t cross Nunavut and Prince Edward Island. Gas water heaters, nevertheless, are still the outstanding choice for many Canadians.

Electric water heaters

In areas where natural gas is in short supply, residences can employ electric water heaters to make hot water. It’s smaller and simpler than the gas version, and can heat more water within a given time. The downside of this is that it takes longer for electric water heating Surrey BC locals depend on to make hot water. Like any other water heater, it necessitates extensive electrical and plumbing work by a certified service provider.

In summary, the more suitable choice for a water heater is determined by several elements, even when some say it’s apparent that one surpasses the other. In a cold place like Canada, Surrey heating is important for every home’s necessities, not to mention enjoying a warm shower. Understand your locality well to identify the best heater to use.

To find out more about gas and electric water heaters, visit the website of Natural Resources Canada at Another good resource for anything associated with HVAC Surrey citizens have is The site consists of informative articles that will help individuals improve their heating system.

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