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Popular Classic Muscle Cars and their Possible Prices

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When buying a muscle car, there are several factors to consider, the most important being price. Fortunately, there are several techniques to determine whether the car you’re eyeing at an Oakville dealership lot comes with a reasonable sticker price. You can then make up your mind as to whether or not to purchase it.

A good way to evaluate the price of a muscle car is to compare it against the best cars in the market. Back in 2011, for example, buyers had four very popular muscle cars to choose from. Take a look at the price bracket for each model and decide which one best suits your needs and budget.

Pontiac GTO

The GTO was one of the earliest muscle cars to hit the market; it also helped define what the muscle car subfield was all about. It was very popular back in the 1950s but was discontinued in the 1970s. Its popularity has not waned, however, and the fact that it is no longer being produced drives prices sky-high. Today, it isn’t unusual to pay way more than $50000 if you want your own Pontiac GTO.

Dodge Charger

Not a lot of people would consider sedans that now bear the Dodge Charger name as muscle cars. However, back in the golden age of muscle cars, the Dodge Charger was one of the pack leaders. Brand new sedans with the Dodge Charger name will cost around $20000-$30000, but the classic muscle car can be anywhere from $30000 to $40000.

Ford Mustang

In 2011, a brand new Ford Mustang would set you back by around $22000. However, if you’re like most muscle car enthusiasts, you wouldn’t really bother with the newest models. Older models tend to be more expensive than the newer ones, and if you go for the real classical styling of the older Mustangs, Oakville Ford dealers might ask you to shell out around $50000.

Ford Torino

If you’re on a tight budget, then the Ford Torino might be the right fit. It is considered one of the most affordable muscle cars, mainly because it had to live in the shadow of the ever-popular Mustang. Despite its relatively low popularity status, it is still a solid muscle car, and Oakville Ford dealers can get you one for $10000 to $20000.

When buying muscle cars from Oakville Ford dealers, you must understand that the car’s age and popularity play crucial roles in determining the price. Here’s a tip: do a lot of research before buying. For more information, check out

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