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Danish escorts are so flipping cute!

by richards446

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When you think of certain races of people, or heritages, the countries they hail from etc, they immediately conjure up an idea in your head. With the French, we think chic and well-lived; they’ve really got the Parisian style and enjoyment of wine thing down to a T. Americans we sometimes think capitalist and white teeth; how many brands worldwide are American! But for the Danish, we can’t help but think cute. We’re sure there is some logic behind this, so we’re going to work together to try and get through this. Hailing from the country of Denmark, the Danish are steeped in history and culture. It’s important to point out, however, that they have a tendency to get annoyed if you confuse them with Sweden, the country that makes the flat pack furniture. This is still one of the best things ever made, so it’s important that you get the country of origin right. But back to the Danes! It might be the fact that when we think of any Scandinavian country, we immediately picture beautiful mountains, covered in snow, blonde haired beauties who most men would adore to be in the company of, and the cute puppies that no doubt play about in the snow. Well we seem to be making headway with this, and it originates around snow and cute things.


Native to Denmark, the Danes, as they can commonly be called, are technically the nation and ethnic group. Speaking Danish, goes without saying, the first mention of this group of people is in the tenth century when Harald Bluetooth (we wonder if he has any connection to the popular hands free device that allows us to chat happily on our phone whilst speeding past police cars as they can’t do anything about it, and we don’t mean speeding; we mean seventy miles per hour tops) converted the beautiful Danish people to Christianity. Whilst they have dealt with immigration, accepting cultures from all over the world and indulging in ethnic fusion, it seems that the Danish people view themselves as ethnic descendants of the original sources.


Whilst you don’t have to actually reside in the country, as many of the Danish escorts living and working in London discovered, you do have to be seen as being descendents of the country. We like the dedication to carry on the traditions of our ancestors, even more so when they have such a strong work ethic that allows them to make big dreams, and work their way straight to them. Not to mention Danish pastries, which are delicious with a cup of coffee in the morning. Coupled with a glass of orange juice in the morning. It really wakes us up, and we are thankful for it.


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