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Best Kids Movies 2012

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Maybe you are wondering what could be the best kids movies 2012 are? Before you and your kids head out to the theaters, you may need to check out what movies will definitely make you feel good after watching it. As tons of kids’ movies are being released each year, you may want to check out and take advantage of the list of the best kids movies 2012. Here are five of them you and your child will surely love…


1. Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted 


Maybe you miss them- Marty (zebra), Melman (giraffe), Gloria (hippo), and Alex (lion) but they are definitely back bringing you more chuckles this time in this movie as third installment of the Madagascar's. As they continue their funny adventure to get their way home to New York by way of Europe, they met and joined a group of traveling circus along with new characters. Adventures came along and new lessons were learned, of course. Kids - together with their parents will absolutely laugh throughout watching this movie.  


2. Ice Age 4: Continental Drift 


This movie series, as the latest installment from Ice Age will give all its audiences awe when Manny, Sid, and Diego discovered the world through an iceberg as these three likeable characters set sail in the attempt to find their way back their homes. Though it's a kid's movie, all ages will agree that it is truly a must-see movie for all age groups. You will laugh out loud throughout this flick.  


3. Brave 


Belonging to the number three spot of best kids movies 2012 is Disney Pixar's Brave. Princess Merida, daughter of Queen Elinor and King Fergus started her journey and the act of bravery when she ran away from the people which angered her queen mother and the Scottish Highland's lords to escape the contest for her own marriage. She needs to be brave as she fights against the odds with the aim of undoing the curse before it's too late for her and her family as well. Be amazed of her bravery in all her fights and adventures.  


4. Puss in Boots


Antonio Bandera's voice for Puss in Boots has truly reflected a fighter and lover becoming a hero as he decided to set off together with Humpty Dumpty as mastermind and Kitty Softpaws, a savvy beautiful friend, with the goal of saving their beloved town. Witness their one of a kind and tough undertakings that you and your kids will discuss even after the show.  


5. The Secret World Of Arrietty  


With enchanting settings and screenplay, the secret world of Arrietty will remind you that chances of magic is everywhere and the potential for make-believe is high. You will be captured by this excerpt, "the world is a dangerous place for borrowers." This movie is beautiful, gentle, full of lessons to learn and is suited for kids of all ages and that's why it is included in the best kids movies 2012.

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