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Deer Hunts and Its Advantages to the Balance of Nature

by janachristensen

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Deer hunting is one of the most preferred outdoor activities in the U.S. where hunters get to shoot a gun and kill—lawfully. In several states like Wisconsin, deer hunting is a widely recognized outdoor entertainment activity, regardless of flak from a handful of animal rights protestors. Fear not, animal lovers, for shown below are the reasons why some states permit the physical activity of deer hunting.

First, a refresher on deer hunting: it's an outdoor activity that simply involves you with a hunting rifle and an unfortunate deer. As of 2006, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service documented greater than 10 million individuals who participated in hunting big game like deer, whitetails, and elk. While cynics proceed to denounce the method, there are those that think deer hunting is not at all that inhumane and cruel. Below are a few of the explanations why.

History has been doing it

While not always for deer, hunting has been around for a very long time— as in "ancient times" long. People of old thrived by hunting for food, which typically meant killing animals for meat to satisfy the hungry individuals' tummies. In the case of modern-day deer hunting, seeking for meals still continues to be a legitimate reason to hunt, with the extra factor of relaxation.

Teddy Roosevelt was an enthusiastic game hunter himself, having actually traveled around the globe in search of peculiar animals. Apart from questioning just how bear meat tastes like, he also maintained a huge collection of records and awards from his hunts. In reality, he went as far as hunting for animals uncategorized as yet by the science community.

So few bushes, so many deer

Hunting grounds and natural parks could only have so many deer just before their aggregate requirement for meals shaves the parks bald. Researchers from numerous universities said that hunting is still the most successful method to manage the deer population, perhaps even more successful than fertility control. Guided deer hunts are under meticulous oversight to make sure hunters do not shoot the wrong kind of deer. Deer hunting exists to maintain parks shared by and appreciated with humans as well.

Regulated hunting

Contrary to popular belief, guided elk hunts, in addition to other game, are not inhumane and vicious as they are governed by state and government regulations. For instance, hunters are forbidden from killing does (female deer) and fawns. Guns are additionally governed meaning the hunters are forbidden from utilizing fully-automatic weapons that are just simply overkill.

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