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Biking and BMX Bikes

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Biking is a serious sport now and with the Tour De France and other international bike races getting more and more coverage, youngsters and kids are viewing this as a serious sport.


Other than the hybrid bikes that are vastly popular, BMX bikes are not to be left far behind since they are best suited for dirt tracks. Dirt track racing is one of the most preferred racing events for the young and the restless.


There are several variants in the BMX category, and they cater to different segments of biking.

BMX bikes are also used in racing events and the bulkier and the more robust ones are named as freestyle bikes and jump bikes.


It is also pertinent to note that certain aspects must be given consideration during the purchase of a freestyle bike or a jump bike.


First, the body of the bike must be particularly strong and be weighty. Second, the wheels of the jump bikes are quite thicker with a diameter of 24 inches. While the wheel gauge of the jump bikes is 23, the free style bikes have a wheel gauge of not less than 48. The tires of these bikes are different from those of the conventional bikes. The jump bikes have tires that are heavily grooved since they are required to grip the surface for better control rather than skid along the surface faster movement.


On the other hand, the freestyle bikes have fluid grooves on their tires so that they can be used even in indoor biking events or on the sidewalks. These bikes also have axle pegs enabling the rider to perform daring stunts.

Bikes For The Young

There are several BMX bikes that are available presently and are specifically designed for the youth. Those designed with a slightly lighter frame are also quite sturdy. First and foremost, they come with a 360 headset that enables you to perform stunts. These bikes have a good design and are priced such that they can be highly economical.

These are perfect bikes if you are learning the ropes of free style biking. These bikes are designed with symmetric frames and the handlers too are at a lesser height from the ground. The armature of the front and the back brakes and the shafts are perfectly designed for better biking.

Lesser weight and a reliable body are among the most attractive features of these bikes.

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