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Joining Traditional Art and Modern Architecture with Tiles

by alanageikie

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You will discover evidence of the employment of marble in high art with just a single look at the architectural fragments of the days gone by. From the walls of the Parthenon to the Renaissance statues at St. Peter’s Basilica, marble has played a compelling role in humanity’s desire for grander artistic execution. While they may no longer be the exclusive choice of sculptors and architects, they continue to occupy a significant domain in contemporary architecture.

Presently, marble continues to be a preferred flooring material. Architects and homeowners cannot be admonished for choosing marble: it has a very natural countenance, almost organic and is frequently typified by a scattering of lacelike strands on top of a gleaming coating. Of all its characteristics, durability is what makes marble an enduring choice as home flooring. Upon laying the marble tiles on the floor, the stone is treated with a propriety stain resistant sealant, which can protect the floor for ten years. Re-administration of the sealant would be necessary after a decade.

As flooring, marble is nearly upkeep- free. Marble floors are renowned to weather spills, filth, and even powerful acids. Although the latter can bring about stains, they can be expertly eradicated. It’s likewise renowned to be unyielding to the stress created by items like heavy furniture. Furthermore, it’s an exquisite cooling material, as it can remain cool even in the hottest summer.

Just like marble, travertine is becoming a popular choice as a house enhancement. A peculiar property of travertine is that it is a form of limestone collected by mineral springs, particularly hot springs. Travertine generally possesses a concentric or fibrous countenance and comes in a lot of colors, from tanned to cream-colored. Presently, you will discover the travertine chair rail lining the interior walls of many Western homes, functioning as an adorning cap for the upper end of the lower wall panel (known as the “dado rail”).

Like travertine, marble likewise made headway as a material of choice in making chair rails. Oftentimes, the “dado” of a wall is granted a more dramatic decorative treatment than the upper wall, generally via paneling or wainscoting. Thus, it’s simply proper to top it’s upper border with a similarly exciting marble chair rail.

Therefore, if you think your home will be better dressed with marble-based materials, then purchasing the marble tiles for sale from your community tile provider will surely be a good decision. You can learn more concerning marble tiles on

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