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See What These Three Suggestions Can to Your Windows

by roxietenner

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Pampering yourself with a getaway, making time for a beauty treatment or merely doing what you like when you're tired and weary from a lot of work can make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. The same thing is applicable to your house when it begins to appear derelict and dismal. Yes, there are specific solutions that you can give your home to breathe new life into it.

Windows are commonly the component of a Philadelphia home that might be in need of a special treatment. To add further beauty to a home's interior, competent deorators and residents alike place embellishments in, on, around or over a window that are called "window treatments". Unlike window coverings that provide both form and function, window treatments are mainly ornamental in purpose. These days, interior designers are trying to formulate design plans and arrangements that include both function and style. With the right window treatments, you can fully change the way an entire room looks. Here are a couple of window treatments you might like:

Cascades and Swags

This particular window treatment has been around for hundreds of years. Because cascades and swags are not very trendy, they are commonly used for aged historical or ancestral variety of residences. The pleated drop of the cascade and the descending twists of the swag reflect classic sophistication. These treatments can be layered over windows with plain blinds or shutters to lend a more formal and relaxed atmosphere to a room.

Drapes and Curtains

Drapes and curtains are the common window treatments Philadelphia residences get. These cloths may be arranged and tweaked to form simple or elaborate styles depending on the look you desire. These window treatments grant rooms a finished look with its various textures, colors and patterns. See-through curtain panels can make a room look brighter and well-ventilated. Patterned curtains are great in in the master's bedroom or in children's rooms.


Valances are window treatments that occupy only the topmost part of a window. If you don't want guests to see tucked up blinds or your drapery's mounting devices, they may be concealed at the back of a valance. For custom window treatments Philadelphia interior designers integrate valances with quite a number of fabrics and trimmings to give more glamour to a room.

Curtain Rods

Utilizing unique and imaginative curtain rods can provide additional individuality to your window treatments. For instance, wooden boat oars appear favorable as a curtain rod in a beach home. There are lots of ways in which you can amp up your dull windows. For even more concepts about window treatments, you may go to

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