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The Effects of Arrest Following DUI: An Analysis

by charlamcguyer

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At one time or another, you might have actually felt tempted to drive after a a few mugs of beer. You might have even thought of tagging some good friends along with you. If you haven't done that yet, then it's ideal not to, as a criminal record for driving under the influence of liquor, or DUI, can be very pricey and tiresome.

The first thing you must learn about DUI is that if you register a level of .08 from a blood or breath alcohol content (BAC) test, then you will be automatically regarded as guilty of drunk driving, and you will be hauled to court. In many states, it doesn't matter if you were not staggering or garbling your speech. As long as you showed a .08 BAC, then you're guilty.

The immediate consequences of a drunk driving case include paying a fine, paying for court costs, and of course, the revocation of your motorist's license for a certain duration. In some states, they have laws that call for you to serve jail time even if you happen to be a first-time offender. These legal parameters vary from state to state.

Naturally, your target is to get your motorist's license back. These days, nonetheless, this target is made more challenging, as getting your license immediately after the revocation duration is no longer the norm. Instead, most states will call for you to do something after the revocation span in order to regain your driving rights.

A Utah criminal lawyer describes that many states will certainly demand for you to undergo an informative program called DUI school or defensive driving school. The requirements to graduate from the program and regain your license differ greatly depending on precisely how well you did during the preliminary examination. Before the start of the program, a counselor will certainly interview you to figure out if you have an alcohol dependency issue.

If the assessment shows that you have a drinking issue, then you will certainly be required to look for therapy before you can graduate from the driving school. Common therapies for drinking complications include outpatient counseling and attending support group meetings. A Utah criminal attorney may come in handy in these circumstances, as he can advise you regarding the legal steps you must take.

So, if you have significant problems regarding your DUI case, and you are unaware of exactly what to do, then it is best to enlist the services of a seasoned Utah DUI lawyer. You can find out more about DUI on

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